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The activities reported on this site are inherently dangerous and can lead to serious injury or death. I am not a guide, and these pages are not a guidebook. Information on this page and its links may be misleading or incorrect. Taking blind inspiration from them may lead you to your demise. If you're not sure whether you can safely do any of the routes listed below, hire a guide, or don't do them. Climb and ski safely, and at your own risk.

As a kid I went hiking and scrambling with my parents in the Alps. I also learned to ski (on wooden skis with cable randonnee bindings; on good days, and if you fell in the right direction, they even released!) and got some frostbite on my knuckles that's with me to this day. By age 20 I skied some steep stuff in the Dolomites. I always wanted to learn technical rock climbing, but somehow did not get around to doing it at the time. Then school, work, and moving to the U.S. led to a long phase of dormant outdoors activities. After moving to Oregon in 1987 I started from scratch again and worked my way from hiking and cross-country skiing to some more serious mountaineering. I also acquired backcountry skills, something that's hard to do in Europe, and thanks to the encouragement of my son Paul I learned how to rock climb, finally! And, last but not least, I got back into AT skiing, coming full circle after 25 years.

Here are links to some nice sites.

And here are my trips , in reverse chronological order, from 1991 to 2006, and since 2007. I have continued to climb, but my circumstances have changed, hence the break. A list by geographic area can be found here .

Mountaineering and Skiing

Cragging and Canyoneering

Diamond Peak (NW Ridge/N Bowl, skis) 5/12/2012
Snowshoeing in the Pamelia area 4/21/2012
2/3 of Mt. Hood (Cooper Spur to Pt. 8,514, skis) 4/7/2012
The Tooth (approach only, skis) 1/7/2012

Maxwell Butte (W Side) 12/7/2011
Three-Fingered Jack (S Ridge) 9/30/2011
Mt. Adams (S Side/SW Chutes, ski descent) 9/3-4/2011
Mt. Hood (S Side, partial ski descent) 7/10/2011
Mt. Bachelor (NE Ridge, skis) 6/16/2011
2/3 of Mt. Hood (Cooper Spur to Point 8,514, skis) 6/4/2011
Diamond Peak (SW Ridge/Bowl, skis) 5/20/2011
Mauna Kea (Road) 3/22/2011
Maxwell Butte (W Side) 2/11/2011

Ski Touring on Mt. Hood (Cooper Spur Area) 12/26/2010
Broken Top (NW Ridge Variation) 10/17/2010
Mt. Whitney (East Face) 8/18-19/2010
Matthes Crest (S-to-N Traverse) 8/16/2010
Lembert Dome (NW Books Variation) 8/15/2010
Three-Fingered Jack (S Ridge) 7/28/2010
3/4 of Mt. Hood (Sunshine to Snow Dome, ski descent), 7/7/2010
Mt. Bachelor (NE Bowl, ski descent), 6/12/2010
Diamond Peak (SW Ridge/Bowl, skis), 5/30/2010
Mt. Hood (S Side to Illumination Saddle, ski descent), 5/8/2010
1/2 of Mt. Hood (S Side, skis), 4/10/2010
1/2 of Mt. Hood (S Side, skis), 1/24/2010

Tumalo Mountain (E Bowl, skis) 12/29/2009
Dozier Dome (Holdless Horror) 8/30/2009
Fairview Dome (Regular Route) 8/29/2009
Pywiack Dome (Zee Tree) 8/28/2009
Cathedral Pk. (Elk Range) (SW Ridge, attempted) 8/8/2009
Point Blue (S Ridge) 8/5/2009
Mt. Washington (N Ridge), 7/03/2009
Mt. Hood (S Side, ski descent), 5/30/2009
2/3 of Mt. Hood (S Side, skis), 1/18/2009
Jack Ski Summit (S Side, skis), 1/10/2009

Mt. Hood (S Side to Crater Rock, ski descent) 11/30/2008
Daff Dome (West Crack) 9/14/2008
Pywiack Dome (Unknown Route R of Zee Tree) 9/12/2008
Three-Fingered Jack (S Ridge) 9/4/2008
Mt. Bachelor (NE Bowl, ski descent) 5/30/2008
Mt. Hood (S Side to Hogsback, ski descent) 5/4/2008
Garfield Peak (W Face, skis) 2/16/2008
Tumalo Mountain (E Bowl, skis) 1/13/2008
Pyramid Peak (NE Ridge) 8/25/2007
Point Blue (S Ridge) 8/23/2007
Bear Creek Spire (N Arete) 7/21-22/2007
Mt. Washington (N Ridge) 7/15/2007
South Sister (S Side, ski descent) 6/2/2007

Tumalo Mountain (E Bowl, skis) 11/25/2006
Mt. Thielsen (W Ridge) 10/8/2006
Three-Fingered Jack (S Ridge) 9/30/2006
Mt. Washington (N Ridge) 9/8/2006
Tenaya Peak (NW Buttress) 8/27/2006
Eichorn Pinnacle (North Face) 8/26/2006
Cathedral Peak (SE Buttress) 8/26/2006
Lembert Dome (NW Books Variation) 8/25/2006
Broken Hand (NE Corner) 7/27/2006
Middle Sister (N Ridge/N Face, ski descent) 7/1-2/2006
Mt. Rainier (Camp Muir only, ski descent) 6/10-11/2006
Black Crater (NE Slopes, skis) 4/30/2006
Point 6,479 (Crystal Backcountry) (skis) 3/19/2006
Snoqualmie Mountain (SW Slopes, skis) 3/17/2006
Garfield Peak (W Face, S Side ski descent) 2/18/2006

Tumalo Mountain (E Bowl, skis) 12/29/2005
Maxwell Butte (West/South Side, ski descent) 12/17/2005
Diamond Peak (South Summit, ski descent) 11/24/2005
Eichorn Pinnacle (approach only) 8/29/2005
Half Dome (Snake Dike) 8/28/2005
Lembert Dome (Northwest Books) 8/27/2005
Broken Top (NW Ridge Variation) 8/21/2005
Mount Olympus (Blue Glacier) 7/29-31/2005
2/3 of the Ruchenköpfe (W Ridge) 7/17/2005
Rossteinnadel (W Ridge, N Face) 7/13/2005
Buchstein (Standard Route) 7/13/2005
Rosstein (Sonnenplatten) 7/13/2005
Ingalls Peak (S Ridge), 6/18/2005
South Sister (S Side, ski descent), 5/28/2005
Snow Lake (via E Shoulder of Chair Peak , ski descent), 4/24/2005
15/16 of Mount Thielsen (W Ridge, ski descent), 3/25/2005

Tumalo Mountain (E Bowl, skis), 12/31/2004
Tumalo Mountain (E Bowl, skis), 11/27/2004
Mount Thielsen (W Ridge), 10/2/2004
Forbidden Peak (W Ridge), 8/13-14/2004
Piz Boe (Pordoischarte/Val Lasties), 7/30/2004
Vajolet Towers (Delago Arete), 7/29/2004
Third Sella Tower (Standard Route), 7/28/2004
Piz Ciavazes (Little Micheluzzi), 7/27/2004
First Sella Tower (Steger/Holzner), 7/26/2004
Mount Washington (N Ridge), 7/11/2004
South Sister (S Side, ski descent), 7/4/2004
1/2 of Grizzly Peak (NE Couloir, ski descent), 6/22/2004
Geissler Mountain (West Summit), 6/20/2004
Mount Elbert (SE Ridge), 6/19/2004
Point Blue (S Ridge), 6/16/2004
2/3 of Mount Thielsen (W Slopes, ski descent), 6/5/2004
East Shoulder of Chair Peak (ski descent), 5/2/2004
Mount Bailey (E Side, skis), 3/22/2004
Mount Saint Helens (Monitor Ridge, ski descent), 3/19-20/2004
Jack Ski Summit (S Side, skis), 2/21/2004
Black Butte (SW Side, skis), 1/2/2004

Maxwell Butte (W/S Side, skis), 12/21/2003
Tumalo Mountain (E Bowl, skis), 11/27/2003
Broken Top (NW Ridge), 8/25/2003
Mount Stuart (N Ridge), 8/9-11/2003
The Tooth (S Face), 7/26/2003
Piz Ciavazes (Little Micheluzzi), 6/26/2003
Piz Pordoi (Mariakante), 6/25/2003
First Sella Tower (Trenker), 6/24/2003
First Sella Tower (Steger/Holzner), 6/23/2003
South Sister (S Side, ski descent), 6/15/2004
Mount Bachelor (N Slopes, ski descent), 6/7/2003
4/5 of Mount Thielsen (W Slopes, ski descent), 5/25/2003
The Tooth (approach only, ski descent), 4/26/2003
Diamond Peak (W Ridge, skis), 3/29/2003
Maiden Peak (W Side, skis), 1/18/2003

Maxwell Butte (West/South Side, skis) 12/23/2002
Maroon Peaks (N Maroon-Maroon Traverse), 8/10/2002
First Flatiron (Fandango), 8/2/2002
Three-Fingered Jack (S Ridge), 7/5/2002
Lassen Peak (S Slopes, ski descent), 6/19-20/2002
Mt. Hood (S Side, ski descent) 6/16/2002
Mount Bachelor (N Slopes, ski descent), 6/1/2002
Mount Bailey (S Summit only, ski descent), 4/21/2002

Tumalo Mountain (SW Side, skis), 12/24/2001
Glacier Peak (Sitkum Glacier), 8/28-30/2001
Mount Washington (W Face), 8/18/2001
Maroon Peak (Bellcord Couloir), 7/28/2001
Mount Washington (N Ridge), 6/20/2001
Diamond Peak (S Side, ski descent), 5/12/2001
Jack Ski Summit (S Side, skis), 1/15/2001

La Plata Peak (NW Ridge), 8/20/2000
Mount Baker (Easton Glacier), 7/29-30/2000
Mount Washington (N Ridge), 7/23/2000
Diamond Peak (S Side, ski descent), 5/21/2000
Black Butte (E Slopes, ski descent), 3/25/2000
Maiden Peak (W Side, skis), 2/19/2000
Maxwell Butte (South Side, skis) 1/23/2000

Jack Ski Summit , 12/28/1999
Mount Washington (N Ridge), 9/12/1999
Sahale Mountain (SW Ridge), 8/23/1999
Three-Fingered Jack (S Ridge), 8/16/1999
Grizzly Peak (N-W Traverse), 7/20/1999
Castle Peak (NE Ridge), 7/17/1999
Mount Saint Helens (Monitor Ridge), 6/23/1999
Mount Bachelor (N Slopes, ski descent), 5/31/1999
Diamond Peak (W Ridge), 5/16/1999
Black Butte (E Side, ski descent), 4/11/1999
Maiden Peak (W Side, skis), 3/28/1999
Jack Ski Summit (S Side, skis), 2/14/1999
Maxwell Butte (South Side, skis) 1/19/1999

North Sister (S Ridge), 9/13/1998
Three-Fingered Jack (S Ridge), 9/4/1998
Middle Sister (N Ridge via Hayden Glacier), 8/31/1998
Rosstein, Buchstein (Standard Route), 7/20/1998
Lassen Peak (NE Ridge), 6/30/1998
South Sister (S Side Variation), 6/8-9/1998
Diamond Peak (W Ridge), 5/3/1998
Maiden Peak (W Side, skis), 3/7/1998

Jack Ski Summit (snow shoes), 12/29/1997
Maxwell Butte (West Side, snow shoes) 12/22/1997
Mount Thielsen (W Ridge), 9/20/1997
South Sister (S Side Variation), 8/29/1997
Broken Top (NW Ridge), 8/30/1997
Mount Rainier (Disappointment Cleaver), 8/6-8/1997
Point Blue (S Ridge), 7/22/1997
Mount Rainier (Camp Muir only), 6/15-16/1997
Diamond Peak (S Ridge), 5/17/1997
Maiden Peak (W Side, skis), 2/22/1997
Jack Ski Summit (skis), 2/2/1997

Maxwell Butte (West Side, skis) 12/18/1996
Maxwell Butte (West Side) 11/10/1996
The Husband (S Ridge), 9/26/1996
Mount Adams (Mazama Glacier) 9/9/1996
Mount Washington (N Ridge), 7/5/1996
The Husband (S Ridge, attempted), 6/29/1996
Mount Bachelor (N Slopes), 6/9/1996
Diamond Peak (S Ridge), 5/25/1996
Jack Ski Summit (S Ridge, skis), 3/2/1996
Maxwell Butte (West Side) 1/13/1996

Mount Jefferson (Whitewater Glacier), 9/20/1995
Mount Jefferson (Whitewater Glacier, to Red Saddle), 8/13/1995
Middle Sister (Hayden Glacier), 8/5/1995
Wilson Peak (West Ridge/West Face), 7/26/1995
Mount Sneffels (South Slopes), 7/22/1995
Three-Fingered Jack (S Ridge), 7/4/1995
Lassen Peak (NE Ridge, attempted), 7/13/1995
Maxwell Butte (West Side) 2/11/1995
Maiden Peak (W Side, skis), 1/21/1995
Maxwell Butte (West Side attempt, snow shoes) 1/15/1995

Jack Ski Summit (S Ridge, skis), 12/29/1994
Three-Fingered Jack (S Ridge), 9/21/1994
Mount Shasta (Hotlum-Bolam), 8/10-11/1994
Middle Sister (SE Ridge), 7/31/1994
Mount McLoughlin (Trail), 7/17/1994
North Sister (S Ridge), 6/29/1994
Jack Ski Summit (S Ridge), 1/29/1994
Maxwell Butte (West Side, skis) 1/16/1994
Jack Ski Summit (S Ridge, attempted, skis), 1/9/1994

Three-Fingered Jack (S Ridge), 10/30/1993
Mount Yoran (N Ridge/W Face), 9/26/1993
Mount Thielsen (W Ridge), 9/18/1993
Broken Top (NW Ridge), 8/17/1993
Mount Bailey (Trail), 8/1/1993
Mount Scott (Trail), 7/31/1993
Maxwell Butte (West Side, skis) 2/28/1993
Jack Ski Summit (S Ridge, skis), 2/13/1993
Maiden Peak (W Side, skis), 1/30/1993

Maxwell Butte (West Side, skis) 12/19/1992
Duffy Butte (SW Ridge), 9/13/1992
Middle Sister (N Ridge), 9/3/1992
Broken Top (NW Ridge), 8/4/1992
South Sister (S Side Variation), 8/3/1992
Diamond Peak (S Ridge), 7/25/1992
Mount Washington (N Ridge), 7/17/1992
Mount McLoughlin (Trail), 7/11/1992
North Sister (S Ridge, attempted), 6/5/1992
Broken Top (Nine O'Clock Couloir), 5/17/1992

Mount Thielsen (W Ridge), 9/29/1991
Three-Fingered Jack (S Ridge), 9/20/1991
Middle Sister (SE Ridge), 9/2/1991
Diamond Peak (S Ridge), 8/18/1991
Middle Sister (N Ridge, attempted), 7/7/1991
Mt. Hood (S Side) 6/1/1991

Smith Rock , 04/28/2012

Smith Rock , 12/27/2011

Skinner's Butte , 8/23/2011

Joshua Tree , 5/1-3/2011

Smith Rock , 12/28/2010

Tuolomne Meadows , 8/15/2010

Smith Rock , 3/26-28/2010

Tuolomne Meadows , 8/30/2009

Tuolomne Meadows , 8/28/2009

Smith Rock , 5/8-10/2009
Smith Rock , 3/21-23/2009

Callahans, 10/18/2008
Tuolomne Meadows , 9/13/2008

Lost Rocks, 6/26/2007

Joshua Tree , 12/22-24/2006
Smith Rock , 12/03/2006
Smith Rock , 10/29/2006

Smith Rock , 4/22/2006
Smith Rock , 3/04/2009
Smith Rock , 2/11/2006
Smith Rock , 1/21/2006

Boulder Canyon
City of Rocks
Independence Pass
Joshua Tree
Lost Rocks
Smith Rock
Tuolomne Meadows

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