What's a trip? I am mostly listing outings that I experienced as a climb, as opposed to a pure hike. That's obviously subjective, and it depends on the time of year as well as on conditions and your equipment. I had very low-key skis for the longest time, which is why I list some pretty lame hills under `Skiing', while my standards under `Mountaineering' are higher, on average. Some hikes I included, though, because they led to a high summit (to me, this typically happens in Colorado) or were otherwise especially impressive. As a result, my list spans a huge spectrum of technical difficulty, or lack thereof.

Where is the boundary between cragging and mountaineering? Are Zebra/Zion or Sky Ridge at Smith Rock climbs, or just cragging? Lembert Dome in Tuolumne Meadows via any route is arguably less of a climb than either one of these. How about the Flatirons near Boulder, CO? I am unable to come up with a decent definition. Who cares, as long as it's fun.