Snoqualmie Mountain (Washington Cascades; 6,278')

Snoqualmie Mountain rises directly above Snoqualmie Pass and the Alpental ski area. It thus is extremely well accessible. The southwest slopes provide a nontechnical ascent and a nice moderate ski descent. The Crooked and Slot Couloirs are popular steep ski descents, and New York Gully is a serious III 5.8 A.1 affair.

Topo Map

Snoqualmie Mt. from the Alpental ski area
Photo credit: Paul Belitz
Routes: SW Slopes (moderate ski descent)
References: Fred Beckey, Cascade Alpine Guide, Vol.1 , The Mountaineers (Seattle, WA 1987)

Date: March 18, 2006

Party: Dietrich and Paul Belitz

Route: SW Slopes

Equipment: AT Skis

Time: Alpental - Summit: 3 hrs 40 mins
Summit - Alpental: 1 hr
Roundtrip from Alpental: 5 hrs 30 mins

Trip report:

The weather was not too good, but at least it did not rain, as it usually does on our spring trips in the Seattle area. We worked our way up through the steep forest to the left of the phantom slide area, and once we were above the waterfall we could even see a bit of terrain across the valley, and later we caught occasional glimpses of the summit. By the time we got there we were thoroughly socked in, though, and after a while it started to snow. We decided against trying a couloir and skied back down the way we had come. The snow was okay, although it deteriorated the lower we got. All in all a nice ski trip, although a bit more visibility would have been nice. Two days later we got plenty visibility near Crystal, though.

Photo Gallery:

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Paul skinnning

View down to Snoqualmie Pass

View east from the exit of New York Gully

Dietrich on the summit

Paul starting down

Dietrich starting down

Dietrich skiing