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BioPhysics Journal Club

Biophysics Journal Club begins its fifth year of scintillating science in October, 2012. Contact Vickie DeRose or Raghu Parthasarathy for more information or read on...


  • Schedule + Suggested papers have been moved to Google Documents Contact Vickie or Raghu for the URL. Old schedules are linked to below.

What is Biophysics Journal Club? A weekly gathering of graduate students, postdocs, and faculty interested in biophysics. At each meeting, someone will present a talk on a recent journal article on some biophysical topic (not directly related to his or her research) which hopefully leads to discussion and enlightenment. It's a fun way to learn about new developments in biophysics and to interact informally with your colleagues. We'll define biophysics very broadly, encompassing aspects of biomaterials, structural biology, and more. We'll say more about the structure and format at the first meeting.

How do you join? We'll meet Wednesdays at 12.00pm in Willamette 350 (starting Oct. 5). Bring your lunch, and your friends! To be put on the email list, email Vickie DeRose (derose [at]

Old Schedules: here.

Suggested Journals:


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