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Winter 2008: Physics 352

Foundations of Physics II: Optics and Statistical Mechanics


MWF 10.00-10.50 am, 30 Pacific Hall



  • Final Exam Solutions .
  • Final Exam Monday, March 17, 10.15-12.15 pm.
  • Topics to study for the final exam (statistical mechanics) -- Final Version
  • Midterm: Optics. Monday, Feb. 4 Review session: Thursday Jan. 31, 12.30-2.00pm.
  • Topics to study for the midterm exam
  • TA office hours: Tuesday 10-11am, in Willamette218, and Thursday 11-12am, in the drop in center (Willamette 147).
  • Prof. Parthasarathy's office hours: Mon 9-10, W 11-12.
  • Physics Department Colloquia (descriptions)

On-line Optics Texts: Please see the syllabus for comments on textbooks for the course. Some texts available on-line:


Problem Sets and Solutions


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