Biophysics & Soft Condensed Matter


Group Photo: Dec. 9, 2012. Left to right: Ryan Baker, Darrick Sturgeon, Matt Jemielita, Andrew Loftus, Sarah Kurihara, Mike Taormina, Sigrid Noreng, Tristan Hormel, Vivian Hsieh, and Raghu Parthasarathy

  Raghuveer Parthasarathy

Raghu Parthasarathy Picture


Associate Professor

Department of Physics

The University of Oregon

362 Willamette Hall (office)

372 Willamette Hall (lab)

email:  raghu [at]


Previous affiliations (before July 2006)

Postdoctoral work -- with Jay Groves in the Department of Chemistry at The University of California, Berkeley, mostly working on membrane biophysics, mostly supported by a Miller Fellowship.

Ph.D., Physics -- with Heinrich Jaeger and Thomas Rosenbaum at The University of Chicago (2002)

A.B., Physics -- UC Berkeley (1997); links to things related to RP's undergraduate research: (1 2 3).




Mike Taormina


Graduate Students


Matt Jemielita



Tristan Hormel



Ryan Baker



Savannah Logan


No picture yet

Undergraduate Students

Vivian Hsieh
Matt Reyer No Picture yet
Zena Jensvold No Picture yet


----------- Alumni -----------

Postdoctoral Fellows:

Greg Gemmen

Morgan Goulding

Graduate Students:

Andrew Loftus

(graduated Winter 2014; presently at the Salk Institute)


Maunta Manandhar


Chris Harland

(graduated Summer 2010; presently at Microsoft)

Yupeng Kong


(graduated Fall 2010; presently a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, San Francisco)

Sarah Kurihara > Presently: Serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Lesotho; see
Sigrid Noreng Presently: Finishing her undergraduate degree in Norway
Kendra Nyberg Presently: In the Bioengineering graduate program at UCLA
Darrick Sturgeon
Bryan Clement No photo
Rick Suhr
Ricky Holton
Evan Sprauer No photo
Isaac Settles

Tyler Campbell

Jordan Crist

Greg Tietjen


Graduate rotation students:

Alesia McKeown (Rotation, Chemistry, Spring 2010)

Andrew Loftus (Rotation, Chemistry, Winter 2009) -- presently a graduate student in our group

Ellen Robertson (Rotation, Chemistry, Winter 2009)

Chiharu Graybill (Rotation, Chemistry, Winter 2008)

Michelle Lu (Rotation, Biology, Winter 2008)

Ryan Frei (Rotation, Chemistry, Fall 2007).

Undergraduate Summer Students:

Morgan Hynson (UCORE 2011)

Ian Oberst (UCORE 2010)

Scott Johnson (REU 2010)

Miranda Bradley (UCORE 2009)

Marissa Umbel (REU 2008)

Luke Injerd (UCORE 2008)

Sarah White (REU 2007)

Sophia Bailey (UCORE 2007)