My research is focused on the search for new phenomena in proton-proton collisions at the LHC accelerator using the ATLAS detector. Together with students and post-docs, I am currently investigating unusual decay of Higgs bosons and the prossible production of quantum black holes.

I have a special interest ATLAS trigger. During the 2011 LHC run, the proton beams were sufficiently intense to produce 400 million collisions per second. The job of the trigger is to select a few hundred events per second that are saved for further analysis. In the future we expect as many 4 billion collisions per second making the task of the triggering even more difficult.

I also have an ongoing interest in detector development for future energy frontier accelerators, such as a linear collider (LC).

Below are links to talks and paper related to my current research interests:

General ATLAS

  • ATLAS Status Report to the LHCC, 7. Dec 2011.
  • The ATLAS Detector Paper

    ATLAS Trigger

  • A description of the ATLAS trigger in the 2010 run can be found on arXiv at 1110.1530 .
  • More recent techinical public plots of trigger performance can be found here.

    Recent ATLAS results

  • Public recent ATLAS results are found here.

    Detector Developement for a Linear Collider

  • Aspects of detector design for a linear collider (2007) talk